What Is A Learning Pod?

learning pod

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to re-think and re-imagine our approach to almost everything. Young children’s education and socialization were no different. Learning pods were developed to bring children together to learn and interact with each other. They brought children together to ensure they received adequate and thorough education safely.

Although the world has returned to normal, many parents have decided the benefits of learning pods don’t need to be pushed aside. The definition of a learning pod has expanded from a school environment to include day-camp or homework activities.

Ready to learn all about learning pods? Discover the ways your child can benefit from them and understand why after-school care facilities should offer these services.

What Is A Learning Pod?

A learning pod is a small group of children, usually 3 to 10 kids, who come together to learn and socialize outside of the traditional classroom setting. Although they originally served as a school-replacement option during the height of the pandemic, they now act alongside regular schools to provide added support and facilitate deeper understanding.

Children come together and, under a tutor’s or parent’s supervision, work through homework questions and activities. Once completed, the children can read books together, play together, and practice using their rapidly developing social skills.

The Benefits Of Learning Pods

Aside from giving parents a much-needed break, learning pods provide various benefits for the kids themselves. The top benefits include the following:

1. Increased Individualized Interaction

In a typical classroom setting, children might not receive much one-on-one interaction. Many schools have too few teachers and too many students to guarantee the amount of individualized attention that is often necessary.

In a learning pod, your child can easily ask for individual help. And because there are fewer children to supervise, tutors or parents can provide thorough assistance.

2. Your Child Sets The Pace

In a learning pod, there’s no set curriculum that your child must adhere to. Rather, the learning centers around sections your child might struggle with or enjoy more.

The children in the learning pod can set the pace of the learning, shifting it towards being student-centered rather than curriculum centered.

3. Adults Facilitate Rather Than Instruct

Traditionally, teachers must first present instruction and work to their class before leading them through exercises and activities. In a learning pod, the adult acts as a facilitator of learning. They assist and guide when necessary but largely let your child work through their homework independently. This fosters independence and encourages them to take initiative.

4. Children Learn To Collaborate

In a smaller group, it’s easier for adults to facilitate collaboration between the children. A learning pod encourages children to work together on their homework activities in a collaborative and interactive way. The supervising adult can carefully watch these interactions and step in if a child gets frustrated, aggressive, or upset. This directly increases the number of positive social interactions your child experiences, which aids in conflict resolution and social development.

Why Should An After-School Care Facility Have Learning Pods?

Even with all the benefits of a learning pod, you still want it to fit into your existing routine. If your child attends an after-school care facility, why not get pod learning benefits while there?

By incorporating learning pods into an after-school care program, children can do their homework and learn with their buddies in a structured, organized setting. This means that they can completely relax and enjoy their time before heading to bed when they get home. Parents can also enjoy spending time with their children without the stress of homework clouding the fun.

Enjoy Quality Learning Pods At All Sports Kids’ After-School Care Program

Here at All Sports Kids, we’ve sectioned off a section of our facility to be used as learning Pods for your children. We believe learning is a multi-sphere occasion, encompassing physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth. By incorporating a learning pod system in our after-school care program, we’ve better served the families we interact with.

Ready for your child to experience the benefits of being in a learning pod? Give us a call today at (954) 746-5437 to get registered. There’s nothing we love more than bringing kids, sports, and learning together!

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