Coronavirus/Infections Disease Policy – All Sports

It is our policy to always follow mandated sanitation procedures in order to prevent the spread of communicable disease.

All children and staff exhibiting the following will be excluded:

  • Fever over 100
  • New cough of any kind
  • Shortness of breath
  • No sense of taste or smell
  • Lethargic, overly tired, lack of energy
  • Mild respiratory illness/issues
  • Student or staff that travel must be in quarantine for 14 days

Safety Policy

  • Our staff will use disinfecting equipment before and after activities
  • We will limit the number of children in each activity, along with keeping them in the same group, and follow state and local guidelines.
  • All staff, parents and children will be required to wear masks during their activities.
  • All children will be required to respect social distancing including transportation, e-learning and homework sessions.
  • Our staff will spray vehicles after each route and disinfect each vehicle at the end of the day
  • Parents will not be able to tour the facility and go beyond the front office area during normal office hours where the children are playing or learning
  • No high fives, handshakes or intentional physical contact will be encouraged.
  • Each child and staff member will have their temperature taken at the office and health questionnaire will be in their files.
  • During an outbreak, the center will follow the health department guidelines procedures for cleaning and sanitation.
  • We will also, take additional measures such as additional scheduled sanitation per day, cleaning high contact surfaces with alcohol when children are present and with bleach salutation when children are outside of the classrooms/areas.
  • If staff or child have symptoms, they must be officially tested.
  • Parents and staff will be notified immediately if we receive notification of a positive case.  All that falls under the guidelines set by the CDC defining close contact will be notified.
  • Parents may be required to pay 50% of their weekly tuition to stay enrolled in the program in case their child is quarantine or if we are forced to close temporarily