Soccer Camp: Youth Soccer Classes

soccer camp

Soccer is a way of life in Florida. At All Sports Kids, we love soccer. Like our basketball programs, we’ve designed our soccer training camp to teach kids more than just soccer. Soccer camp helps to keep kids healthy and active. All while having fun in a safe environment. Here’s a look at what our Soccer training camp offers.

Getting Kids Into Soccer Camp

Also known as football to everyone else outside of the states, soccer is the most loved sport in the world. Requiring only a ball, a field, and a team, soccer is an accessible sport to just about anyone. Soccer is quite simply, beautiful to watch. experiencing a goal being scored is an exhilarating feeling. A shooting ball rounding off the back of the net causes any audience to erupt in jubilation. Soccer camp is the perfect way for children to jump into the beautiful game. All while keeping fit and healthy.

Learn The Fundamentals Of Soccer

There are fundamental skills that need to be learned in soccer. At All Sports Kids, our youth soccer camp aims to teach kids all of the following fundamentals:


Soccer is about teamwork. Passing is the most fundamental soccer skill, as it’s how the ball moves around the field. At soccer camp, kids will learn how to effectively pass the ball to each other. Your child will first learn how to do a short pass, and then once they’ve mastered this, long passes will then be taught. Passing skills include:

  • Body coordination learning
  • Proximity and speed skills
  • Team placement awareness

Children will also learn how to receive a pass from another player. This will include ground passes and air travel passes. Learning how to receive a pass is what keeps the game in motion.


Shooting is where players learn to shoot for the goal. Goal scoring is a fundamental skill to learn as it’s what wins the game. Shooting skills include:

  • Learning the correct positions
  • Accurate foot
  • Ball placement
  • Team coordination when setting up a goal

Children always enjoy the reward of scoring a goal! Our kids’ sports camp is a great way to learn about this important skill.


Dribbling is how a player moves the ball up the field. Children will learn how to dribble the ball while defending the ball against the opposite team. This involves coordination training and movement perception. Dribbling will also improve kid’s fitness levels drastically. Children will see an increase in their fitness levels over a short space of time.


The final fundamental is learning to defend the goal areas. Goal Defense is a skill that all players need to learn. Children will be taught to read the opponent’s reactions, and how to respond to these. A more specialized skill is learning the position of goalkeeper. We will teach them how to defend, dive, and direct the ball back into play.

Soccer Evening Training Camp Information

At All Sports Kids, our soccer camp caters to children aged between 5 and 14 years old. Our camp arrangement and cost details are as follows:

$65 per month

  • This includes one lesson per week. This equates to at least 4 lessons per month.
  • Training camp times are on a Tuesday or Thursday at 7 pm.

$60 Registration Fees (non All Sports clients)

  • This is the one-off setup fee required to register your child into the soccer training camp program.

The Soccer Camp In Broward County Your Children Will Love

At All Sports Kids, our soccer training camp is designed to keep kids active and healthy. Our 11,000 square-foot sports facility features a dedicated soccer floor. 

Worried about extra support? We even have a behavioral therapist available on-site for eligible children. Kids will love learning about this exciting game. And they’ll have valuable social interaction while doing it. Call us today at 954-746-5437 to reserve a space for your child.