Cheerleading Classes

After a long day of school, kids can be filled with excess energy and feel agitated. Unable to fully control their own emotions, you may notice that your child comes home and hits the snack cabinet. Or maybe they begin a TV-watching marathon. If you are looking for after-school activities in Florida, enrolling your child in cheerleading classes or cheer lessons is a great way for them to release steam and meet new friends. Some of our cheerleading camps even offer tumbling classes for younger children.

Why Enroll Your Child In Cheer Lessons?

To some cheerleading is perceived as simple. They look down on cheerleading, or even refuse to call it a sport. Many stereotype it as a girl’s-only activity. However, it takes a lot work and practice in order to become a great cheerleader. Furthermore, boys and girls can participate in the sport. Cheerleading is a challenging physical activity, offering benefits similar to gymnastics. Your child will strengthen his or her muscles, improve coordination and flexibility, and learn team-building skills.

A career in cheerleading for your child may not be as unrealistic as you may think. Many cheerleaders begin cheer lessons or tumbling classes in elementary school. Starting with cheerleading classes for kids, your child can learn the skills and gain a love for cheerleading that will follow her for the rest of her life. At every level of schooling, there are cheer lessons, or a cheerleading team that your child can participate in. After elementary school, your child can hone his skills with cheer leading in middle school, high school, and even college. In entering the real world after college, your child has the option to further pursue a career in cheerleading. Professional sport teams all have professional cheerleading squads, giving young girls a chance to reach their dreams.

A Brief Cheer History

Organized cheerleading originated at Princeton University in 1884, after the crowd created a cheer related to each team for moral support. Tom Peebles became the first official cheerleader in 1898 after leading the crowd in a cheer at the University of Minnesota. Later that same year, a group of six men came together and established cheerleading as an official sport. It wasn’t until 1923 that cheerleading expanded to include women.

Cheerleading Classes In Fort Lauderdale

Searching after-school activities in Florida can help you find a list of cheerleading classes for kids. Enrolling your child in a cheer leading lesson in Fort Lauderdale is a good way to gauge their interest in the sport. Not interested in cheerleading? Additionally, All Sports Kids has many different options when it comes to after-school activities.

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