Soccer: A Great Sport For Kids

soccer for kids

Soccer is one of the most popular team sports in the entire world. Soccer for kids helps to teach them many valuable lessons. While playing games on an Xbox or iPhone is fun, it’s vital to balance sedentary activities with physical activities for a happy, healthy child.

At All Sports Kids, our soccer training is created to help keep your children healthy and active. From young kids to the older ones, they’re all welcome to join our soccer camp. Read on to learn more about this sport, and why it’s remained a favorite through the ages.

What Is Soccer?

In some parts of the world, “soccer” is known as “football.” Soccer is a sport with teams of eleven players competing against each other on a field.

A soccer team has one designated goalkeeper and ten outfield players. Outfield players usually specialize in defending, attacking, or sometimes both. A team is usually split into forwards, midfielders, and defenders. Even though there are certain positions to play, players aren’t restricted from moving around anywhere on the field.

The object of the game is to guide the ball up the field and over the goal line being defended by your opponent’s goalkeeper. Any of your team’s players can score goals, adding to your total score. A normal game lasts around 90 minutes, split into two 45 minutes halves. Whoever has the most points when the time runs out, wins.

Why Should Your Child Play Soccer

Helping kids stay active plays an important part in their physical and mental health. Soccer for kids helps them to learn teamwork skills and build fitness in a fun way. Other benefits include:

Increased Self-Esteem

Soccer helps to provide kids with strength and confidence. The competitive and fun vibe of soccer helps children to build up their self-esteem and cooperation.

Health And Fitness

Starting soccer as a young child helps create healthy habits necessary for success. Regular exercise helps to improve your kid’s health.

Skill Development

Soccer is a great tool to teach your kids about teamwork and sportsmanship. These two traits are vital skills they need for the rest of their lives.

Learn Perseverance And Discipline

Winning in soccer isn’t everything. Failure helps teach incredibly valuable lessons. Partaking in soccer helps kids learn the value of perseverance and discipline that come with both losing and winning.

Better Sleep

Physical activity has been proven to release endorphins, reduce stress, and adds a bit of fun to your kid’s daily routines. Soccer helps children use their energy in a healthy way, tiring them out, which leads to a peaceful sleep.

The Main Equipment Items Used For Soccer

When it comes to soccer equipment, certain items are very important to have. Always check with your kid’s coach to see what you need to provide to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Important soccer equipment includes:

  • Soccer ball. You can’t play soccer without a soccer ball!
  • Soccer cleats or trainers. Certain soccer fields will need either trainers or cleats.
  • Shin guards to help protect your kid’s lower legs.
  • Soccer clothes that your child can move around and get dirty in.
  • Water bottles and healthy snacks to give your child energy and keep them hydrated.

Soccer For Kids In South Florida

Is your child interested in soccer? Then All Sports Kids is the perfect place for them! It doesn’t matter if they’re just starting their soccer journey, or they have been playing for a while; everyone is welcome. If you’re interested in learning more about our soccer programs, or any of the other after school programs we offer, contact us at 954 746 5437.