Should Sports Be Included In After Care Programs?

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When your child finishes school, they are usually ready to relax for the afternoon or play sports depending on their personality. Having sports at after care programs is a great way to facilitate healthy benefits for your children.

Teamwork And Relationships

Interpersonal skills are essential for everyone to have for school and also for work one day. Playing sports at after care will give your children the opportunity to relate with other children and work together. Skills like teamwork, sharing, and encouraging others are a few examples of ways sports can benefit the development of your child.

Healthy Competition And Motivation

There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition between peers. In fact, healthy competition is motivating and will help your child to develop a healthy relationship. Helping kids to grow in maturity and managing their emotions is important for all families. Sports allows children the space to express themselves while also looking out for other players. This teaches them to have a good attitude and to have a bit of resilience in everyday life.


One of the best benefits of playing sports is the self-confidence that children gain. With a culture of encouragement and building each other up, your child will grow in their ability to take losses on the chin and still be a great participant. When they win, they will also learn to be humble and mindful of other children, overall developing a healthy self-confidence and self-perception.

Healthy Stress Relief For Kids

Let’s be honest, school can be stressful for children, especially when it comes to writing assessments and tests. When kids play sports, they automatically breathe more, and use their bodies, these two activities are excellent for stress relief and get rid of unnecessary tension from sitting down all day or the stressors of everyday school life.

Helps To Manage Pressures

Managing everyday life means learning how to navigate and manage emotions and life pressures. When children play sport, it gives them a great tool for coping that they will hold onto for the rest of their lives. The ability to use sports as an outlet is a healthy way to manage emotion and stress.

Health And Fitness

Playing sports in an aftercare program is a great way to keep your children healthy and fit.

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