12 Activities For Youth Summer Camps In South Florida

youth summer camps

Youth summer camps are a great place for growing kids to form friendships, build leadership skills, and create long-lasting memories. It’s also a great way to keep kids occupied during the day when parents are still working.

South Florida’s beautiful summers offer lots of fun activities for kids of all ages. Here are a few ideas of fun things to do to help kids develop creative skills and burn off some energy:

1) Get Outdoors

Depending on the age of the kids, this may not be a day-long activity, but it’s a good way to take up a chunk of the afternoon. Look up some scenic trails near the camp, or have campers explore the outdoor area of the camp with binoculars to get a better view of outdoor life. Don’t forget water and sunscreen!

2) Create A Scavenger Hunt

What’s a youth summer camp experience without a scavenger hunt? Ever the camp classic, this activity is not only fun but also a good way for kids to learn problem-solving skills. Give campers a list of items that can be realistically found around the camp, from the common to a bit more challenging.

3) Have A Picnic

People of all ages can enjoy picnics. Kids can bring their lunches to enjoy in the park, and from there enjoy additional fun outdoor games like kickball, tag, and more.

4) Create A Puppet Theater

Younger kids are more likely to enjoy this activity than older campers. Make it more fun by having campers create their own puppets using mittens or (clean) socks. Create the theater itself with a cardboard box.

5) Make Scrapbooks

Kids will make lotsof fun memories at summer camp. Help preserve them by making scrapbooks with colorful construction paper, stickers, markers, and other craft supplies. Counselors can take pictures to print for kids to include. You can also have kids cut up old magazines.

6) DIY Tie-Dye

Another classic camp activity, kids will love getting to choose colors for their shirts, blankets, pillowcases, or any other cloth they want to use. This is something they will be able to keep and use long after camp is over. There are many tie-dye designs and techniques to use, so every camper will create something truly unique.

7) Make Your Own Play Dough

Another activity best suited for younger campers, you can buy or make your own playdough without a lot of ingredients. Use food coloring to get different colors.

8) Finger Paint

Younger kids will love learning about different shapes, letters, and numbers by using their own fingers as writing utensils. They can make their own masterpieces on large pieces of paper or poster board, or you can cover a large table with paper and hang it up later.

9) Water Game Olympics

Florida in the summertime is perfect for outdoor sports. There are a number of fun water games to choose from to have campers play, involving everything from water balloons to sprinklers to water guns and more.

10) Water Balloon Tennis

As the name implies, this game can be played like typical tennis, but with water balloons in place of tennis balls.

11) Talent Show

This is a great activity that can be performed before parents and other campers. Better yet, kids can pair off and work on their routine together throughout the camp session so they have something fun and collaborative to work on with a group.

12) Collage Memories

Similar to scrapbooking, campers can participate in creating one great collage full of photos (or anything else that can be pinned down) onto a large sheet of poster board that everyone can admire. If you want to make it more visibly interesting, have campers put their handprints on it with paint.

Youth And Teen Summer Camps In South Florida

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