Importance Of Homework Help In After Care Programs

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Homework is an essential part of learning that helps children consolidate what they are taught during the day at school. However, families are often busy, and doing schoolwork at home can feel like a battleground for both children and parents. Good after care programs help kids and teens grow, plus they offer valuable homework help that goes beyond just ticking off items on a list. Here are five key reasons why after care homework assistance is so important.

1. Builds Good Work Habits

After a long day at school, children often need encouragement to sit still for a little longer to keep working. The structured routine and homework assistance they get at after care, helps them develop good habits that stay with them throughout their time at school and college.

With a homework routine in place, they learn the benefits of time management and how good it feels to play once all their work is all done. Not only does this cultivate a healthy work ethic, but allows them to experience the benefits of delayed gratification. Establishing healthy homework habits early on sets a child up for a satisfying school career.

2. Provides A Designated Homework Area

After care provides an organized space away from the buzz of activities that help your child focus. A distracted child may take longer to finish their work and be more inclined to make mistakes. After care homework areas are designed for maximum productivity, which typically calls for:

  • quiet spaces away from play areas
  • a group of tables for kids to work together
  • an area for individual work
  • good lighting to prevent eye strain
  • airflow to help keep their minds awake and fresh
  • a comfortable chair and desk
  • a cozy place for reading these recommended 15 books

With a space designed to help them work, it’s easier for a child to get into the zone and focus.

3. Offers Focused Assistance

When homework is left for home, working parents may find themselves explaining fractions while stirring rice, feeding the dog, and supervising a sibling’s bath time. At after care, dedicated staff is on duty to give each child their focused attention. Some of the benefits of focused, individual help are:

  • identifying and filling in gaps in the child’s understanding
  • creating a space in which a child feels free to ask questions about anything they don’t understand
  • allowing a child to work through sections they find easy more quickly
  • staying on difficult topics for longer to ensure complete understanding

Homework assistants are experienced enough to adapt their teaching style to the needs of each individual they work with.

4. Keeps Parents Updated

While doing homework at after care takes the pressure off parents, they still play an important part in overseeing their child’s academic progress. Good after care keeps the parents up-to-date with what each session covered. They provide details about anything their child finds challenging or is struggling with. They often report back on the child’s approach to their work and how much assistance they require.

5. Makes Home Time, Free Time!

Seeing home as a place for freedom and relaxation is a big bonus to doing homework at after care. Getting home without the prospect of homework looming allows the family time to relax together. This might mean shooting hoops, going for a walk, cooking together, or simply catching up. Doesn’t that sound great?

Looking For After Care Programs In Tamarac, Florida?

At All Sports Kids, we create a balanced environment that aims to keep kids active and still provide designated work time. We encourage a happy homework space that benefits both their schoolwork and their home life.

If you’d like to make home a homework-free zone, we can help! Register your child for our after care program by contacting us at 954-746-5437.