Local Spring Break Camp In Broward

spring break camp

Spring break is around the corner, which means that many parents and kids are looking for the perfect, fun place to be. All Sports Kids has the best spring break camp in Broward. We provide your children with all the activities they need to exert some energy, make lifelong friends, and discover which age-appropriate school break programs they love.

Most children long for the holiday season to come, or for a day off from school. But when it does, so many of them end up bored! When you send them to the All Sports Kids’ 11,000-square-foot facility, they’ll be looked after and entertained for hours, several days a week. On school days off, bring your kids to the open gym no matter what time of year: there’s always something going on.

What Makes Our Camp The Best?

Playtime is a fundamental part of a kid’s growth and well-being. Children need to be physically active, learn, have fun, and develop social skills, no matter their age. Schools might be on holiday, but that doesn’t mean that parents are also off-duty and ready to play. That’s why sending your child to camp is a great way to ensure they get what they need in the holiday season.

The right stimulation, activity, and exercise will keep your kids happy, out of trouble, and talking about it for months to come. Below, we share some of the factors that make our spring break camp the best in Broward:

A Variety Of Activities

At All Sports Kids, we expose kids to a variety of fun activities while they are with us. Some of the activities include flag football, soccer, hockey, karate, baseball, cheerleading, tumbling, basketball, dance, games, rock climbing, and so much more.

Self-Discovery And Confidence

Children will have the opportunity to try every activity if they are comfortable doing so. This doesn’t limit them to one particular skill, but rather, it exposes them to the possibility of new skills that they didn’t know they had. When children discover their enjoyment and knack for activities they didn’t expect to love, it builds confidence and allows for a new level of self-discovery.

Fun Field Trips

Each year we offer kids the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience through amazing field trips. Allow your children to learn with others, make memories, and keep their minds active in the holiday season with our fantastic field trips.

Open From 7 am To 7 pm

Since we are open from 7 am to 7 pm, children have more time to enjoy and engage in everything they want to do when they come to camp. This long, open time also leaves them in safe hands throughout the day while parents can get on with work or other commitments, all with peace of mind.

Book Your Child At Spring Break Camp In Broward

Designed for children between the ages of 5-14, Spring Break Camp at All Sports Kids is the place to be. If you want to stay in the loop, follow our blog and social media pages to stay up to date with Spring Break program enrollment news! You can also contact us by calling (954) 746-5437 or completing our online registration form.