Cheerleading Programs Help Your Young Cheerleader Master Their Skills

cheerleading programs

Without a shadow of a doubt, we know that exercise is one of the best hobbies for young children to be interested in. There are so many benefits to staying active and exploring different sports, from improving physical and mental health to teaching essential team building skills. Cheerleading programs go above and beyond a normal sports team, giving kids a sense of community and lasting friendships.

Thinking of jumping in? We’re here to give you the lowdown on the fantastic benefits of cheerleading.

Physical Health

Like most sports, cheerleading is an excellent cardiovascular workout that gets the heart going and increases athleticism. In particular, cheerleading programs work on building strength throughout the body, with a specific focus on core, upper, and lower body strength.

Strength and Flexibility

As cheer routines get more advanced, a greater level of strength and flexibility is needed to complete routines. Cheerleading programs start from the very beginning: they’re perfect for beginners with little or no experience, and strength can be built up slowly and naturally.

Cheerleading combines elements of gymnastics and dance together. This makes for a completely unique exercise experience, and little ones will find this a lot more engaging than simple sports. The key focus is always to have fun, and let the exercise not feel like work! Cheerleading programs show children that exercise doesn’t have to be a chore.

Coordination and Musicality

As you get older, your physical coordination improves. However, movement-focused workouts like cheerleading help that coordination growth along. Kids learn about the importance of stretching before and after exercise, and how to look after your body while you work out.

Coordination in cheerleading is all about moving to the rhythm. Programs teach musicality by lining up routine beats with musical beats, improving both musical understanding and physical coordination.

Team Benefits

You don’t cheer alone. Cheer programs are done in groups, so you always have people by your side to work with you. As kids create, learn, and practice routines, teams need to communicate effectively with each other and learn to rely on each other.


Whether a team leader or not, everyone has the ability to lead and help others in their cheerleading program. Being a good example for others and offering advice are excellent ways for leadership talents to grow in a team-focused environment.

Squad leaders also play a critical role in organizing smaller teams of cheerleaders. These squads work both on their own and with the rest of the team, so your child gets plenty of practice in planning and working with others.


Confidence can be a tough one for kids— especially if they’re nearing their teen years. Learning skills step by step and in turn helping others can be a wonderful confidence boost. This helps them feel confident about their abilities and self-worth and gives them a friendly support system.

Broward County Cheerleading Programs at All Sports Kids

We know how important it is for kids to stay active, connected, and healthy. At All Sports Kids, we work with the Early Learning Coalition to provide high quality childcare options with a focus on movement and community.

The CDC recommends that kids get about 60 minutes of exercise per day. For many parents, that’s difficult to schedule into your day. This is where activity-focused childcare comes in, offering after school programs that do more than just supervise your child until the end of the day. We have professional cheerleaders that run programs from Tuesday to Thursday every week, making exercise engaging and childcare worthwhile. If you think your child could benefit from cheerleading, we’re here to help give them a leg up. Call All Sports Kids today at 954-746-KIDS (5437) to learn more!