An Early Learning Coalition Child Care Provider That Keeps Kids Active

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As children are growing, it’s important for them to spend time in environments that nurture both their minds and bodies. Whether that is at home or through an active child care program. If you are a parent in Broward County looking to send your kids to a child care program but don’t know where to start, the Early Learning Coalition of Broward can connect you with quality options that will help keep kids active.

At All Sports Kids, we are proud to be a part of the Early Learning Coalition and are actively enrolling students in our various programs, ages 5 to 14.

What Is The Early Learning Coalition?

The Early Learning Coalition (ELC) is a statewide program that seeks to provide Florida residents with the opportunity to obtain affordable, high-quality early education and child care. The Florida Early Learning Coalition offshoot in Broward County offers many services. Most importantly, it can help parents find affordable and quality child care programs. Additionally, the ELC of Broward connects vetted programs and organizations with parents who are searching for childcare or early education resources.

Finding Child Care Through The ELC of Broward County

Lots of parents and caregivers work full-time or cannot actively watch their children. This kind of situation is normal and very common but sometimes difficult for parents. Especially when families are faced with the possibility of paying for a nanny or babysitter to watch their children. Plus, that kind of arrangement doesn’t encourage kids to stay active or place them in a nurturing environment that is both education and physical.

The Early Learning Coalition of Broward is working to eliminate the financial barrier to early education or child care programs as well as arm parents with the information they need to find those quality programs for their kids. To do this, the ELC of Broward has Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) services. CCR&R services offer customized information about child care options so parents can make confident and informed choices about where to send their kids and how they can do so affordably.

Emphasizing Activity In Early Years

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that kids get on average 60 minutes each day of moderate to vigorous exercise. There is a whole host of benefits to exercising, as well as dangers of not exercising. Exercise can reduce kids’ risk of later developing complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Not only can exercise keep your child’s body fit, but it can also improve mood, sleep, energy levels, and school performance. Psychologically, exercise releases feel-good endorphins that can alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Additionally, team sports create environments for kids to reap the positive social effects of activity. These benefits include learning how to handle conflict, collaborate with others, make friends, and boost self-esteem.

Why Active Child Care Providers Are Important

Despite the overwhelming benefits of exercise for children’s minds and bodies, only 24% of adolescents hit that daily 60-minute target for physical activity. This is harmful to developing young minds and bodies, which need this kind of activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Introducing sports and physical activity to children from a young age can encourage them to carry on the practice for years to come. It starts with keeping kids active in child care programs instead of paying a babysitter or neighbor to watch them at home. In addition to offering sports and physical activity, many active child care programs also let kids do arts and crafts, read, or provide tutoring time, so they get a well-rounded balance of activity and down time that still engages their brains.

Find An Active Child Care Program For Your Child

The Early Learning Coalition of Broward can help you find a child care program with an emphasis on activity. Look no further than All Sports Kids, which is an Early Learning Coalition provider. We offer a variety of athletic activities for kids that include cheerleading, hockey, soccer, football, basketball, and many others.

For younger kids, we have activities that include scavenger hunts, kickball, and freeze tag. ELC clients are welcome to register their children at All Sports Kids. We can offer 50% off on registration for ELC clients only.

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