Sports Themed Birthday Parties At All Sports Kids

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When it comes to sports-themed birthday parties, there’s much fun to be had. There are loads of birthday party sports games out there for everyone’s amusement. Whether it’s ball toss, kickball, or basketball, the opportunities are endless for the party guests.

Sports-Themed Party Game Ideas

Here are just a few ideas for your next sports-themed birthday party!

Ball Toss

Ball toss is ideal for an outdoor birthday party and works indoors as well. The game consists of the kids tossing a football through holes to score points. If the game is being played outdoors, you can take a sheet or large tarp, and cut holes with point values. If the game is being played indoors, you can use a sheet or smaller tarp, and Ping-Pong balls.


Kickball is a classic game that takes you back in time. You can maintain the traditional way of playing the game or you can mix it up. Make sure you have a large container and place it where the pitcher will be situated. Use two bases–one for scoring and the other for kicking. You can introduce a twist to kickball by adding an activity at each plate. It can be push-ups or jumping jacks. Get creative.

Basketball Birthday Party Games & Contests

Because who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?


The HORSE game involves everyone lining up and choosing numbers to figure out who will be the first to shoot. The first person who shoots picks a spot and tries to shoot the ball in the basket from that spot. If that person makes the basket, then the second person in line has to try to make the basket from the exact spot where the first person shot the ball.

If the person misses the basket, then the next player picks a spot and tries to shoot the ball in the basket. When the first person makes the basket, but the second person does not, then the second person receives a letter in the word HORSE. The game continues from person to person. Once someone has missed enough shots to the point where they’ve spelled out HORSE, then they’re out of the game.

Basketball Contests

The following are fun basketball contests to try at your birthday party:

  • Fastest dribbler: See who can dribble the ball the fastest from one end of the court to the other. Make sure you use a stopwatch.
  • Dribbling: See who can dribble the ball for the longest amount of time without stopping.
  • Backwards dribbler: Players will dribble while they’re walking or running backwards.
  • Free throws: See how many free throws each participant can make in two minutes.

Must-Have Party Foods For A Basketball Birthday Party

Need party food ideas? We’ve got you covered!

Sports Themed Birthday Parties in Broward County

Playing sports is a great way to keep your kids healthy and in shape. It’s also a great way to have a lot of fun at birthday parties. All Sports Kids provides a safe arena for children to participate in a physically active, caring, and educational atmosphere. We have a newly renovated 11,000 square foot facility and sports complex that you can rent out for sports-themed birthday parties. Some of the highlights of our facility include a game room, sports arena, and multi-purpose room.

The birthday party rental includes two hours with a coach along with a sports activity, and one hour in a specialized birthday room. All of our instructors are fingerprinted and have their 45 hours in child care. Instructional sports curriculum is implemented for our main six sports such as soccer camps and basketball training camps. We follow CDC guidelines and DCF rules and regulations. If you would like to learn more, contact us at 954-746-5437.