Arts and Crafts for Kids

Every child is unique, which means that kids like to unwind after school in different ways. While some children might like to run and rock climb and play basketball, some others may want to curl up and read a book.

At AllSportsKids, we have just the thing for every kid, no matter what they like to do after school. We have cheerleading, gaga ball, soccer, volleyball, and countless other activities for children to take part in. For those who like to pursue quieter, less physically intense after school activities, we have a game room, and the K-1 Room. The K-1 room is specially designed for younger kids who are interested in arts and crafts, reading, yoga, face painting, and other relatively quiet hobbies.

Arts and crafts for kids might seem run-of-the mill, but they’re actually one of the easiest and fastest way for kids to learn fine motor skills, bond with friends, and even boost self-esteem!

Here are a few proven ways that arts and crafts for kids can benefit children while they have fun:

    Crafting skills like cutting, drawing, and coloring all help in facilitating bilateral coordination, which is when both hands work together to perform a task. These skills also help with everyday activities like tying shoes, typing, and writing.
    Fine motor skills help kids move their fingers in precise and small movements to write letters, cut patterns, and draw designs and shapes. These motor skills also allow them to dress themselves by buttoning up shirts, as well as pick up small pieces of food while eating.
    Arts and crafts for kids are instrumental in helping them practice self-discipline. Completing these small projects require them to follow instructions step-by-step, as well as exercise patience while they’re waiting for their creations to dry. While following instructions however, children are encouraged to explore their creative side and show their take on a specific project, promoting flexibility and originality.
    Completing a small art project can be extremely meaningful, and gives children a sense of accomplishment. Arts and crafts for kids, at their skill level, can challenge them to think outside the box and be creative in unexpected ways.
    AllSportsKids makes sure that kids are always having fun together. Arts and crafts are a great way for children to bond with others and make friends while they use their imaginations.

..Have questions? Take a look at the Resources section to check out all of the after school and winter/summer break activities your kids can participate in. Give us a call at (954) 746-5437 or visit our registration page to sign up for arts and crafts for kids, or any other activities your child is interested in.