Prepare for Summer Sports Camp!

Who doesn’t love the summer time? Warm weather, long days, and most of all plenty of free time. Well, that last statement probably only applies if you’re a kid. With school out, your children need something to do. Why not keep them active by enrolling them in a summer sports program? It’s certainly better than the alternative, which is your child loafing around all day, playing videogames.

While you might think that shipping your child off to a summer camp is as easy as pie, it takes some planning. You have to prepare your kids for the upcoming summer. Don’t send your child off without having everything in order and making sure they enjoy themselves. If you are a bit at a lost for what to do, we can help. Here are some tips to help you prepare your child for an adventure.


A summer sports camp sounds amazing! However, are your kids into the idea? Yes, a sports camp is a wonderful opportunity. At All Sports Kids, we’ve seen our campers grow, have fun, and make memories that last a lifetime. On the other hand, some children are shy and fickle. They could be into the idea one second and within the next moment they’ll lose interest.

You have to evaluate your child’s interest. If a summer sports camp seems like something they’ll want to do, then have a conversation with them. Make sure they are ready to commit to the program. Remember, this is as much your child’s decision as it is yours. Tell them as much as possible to get them excited so that they will want to go summer camp.


Most parents tell the same familiar story. The story of how hard it was to leave their child at school for the first time. Just like that first time at school, some kids have difficulties being away from their parents or home. While some camps like ours are daily affairs, where they return home at the end of the day, other summer camps require kids to stay on-campus overnight, or for a couple of weeks.

Being away from home can give your child anxiety. Only if and when they mention their fears, you should address the situation. We would advise you don’t bring it up, or else you might put the thought in their head. Help them work through these fears by walking them through what the camp experience should be like. Tell your child who they should go to for help or comfort, like camp staff or other campers.


As a parent, it is your responsibility to properly inform the people you leave your child with of any special needs. Give them detailed information and instruction on prescription medications, what they should and shouldn’t eat, and if they have any allergies. It is also a great idea to meet with camp officials beforehand. Talk with staff about their polices and how their institution handles emergency situations. Then give camp officials your direct contact information, and have their direct information as well. This way, you can leave your child at a summer camp knowing that they are safe in case of emergencies.


If your child the active type? Then you might want to check out All Sports Kids. Our summer sports camp is here to foster your child’s athletic spirts. Contact us to learn more or take a look at our list of programs for all of our different groups.