National Gymnastics Day

national gymnastics day

As a parent, you’re always looking to find the right sports lessons for your children to enjoy. Tumbling or gymnastics might be of interest to your young one. You can always enroll your child in tumbling classes at All Sports Kids in Tamarac, Florida. Now’s a great time to talk about gymnastics, too, since National Gymnastics Day is just around the corner!

About National Gymnastics Day

Gymnastics day

The stunning acrobatics and physical flexibility that is gymnastics date back to the days of Ancient Greece. In those days, gymnastics and physical fitness were necessary for preparing soldiers for battle. Today, athletes aren’t concerned with wartime preparation, although they are usually preparing a routine for competition. Today’s gymnasts and tumbling students range in age and discipline and span the globe. Every year, on the third Saturday of September, they celebrate National Gymnastics Day.

The day wasn’t official until the late 1990s when gymnastic athletes gathered to collectively observe the sport and inspire new generations of gymnasts to join. Since that first day of observation, gymnasts from around the country have joined in the celebration. There are clubs, festivals, friendly competitions, and mass-enrollment events to showcase the sport and its many health benefits.

This year, National Gymnastics Day is on September 16th. To celebrate, gyms all over the U.S. will come alive with celebrations, festivities, and exhibitions. It’s the official day for enthusiasts, athletes, and fans to recognize the health benefits of the sport and the legendary performers that dominate their gymnast specialties.

History of Gymnastics and Fun Facts

Modern gymnastics, as you know it, is said to have started in Germany. German instructor Friedrich Ludwig Jahn is often considered the founding father because of his advocacy for gymnastics and tumbling as a revolutionary series of healthy exercises.

Here is a brief timeline of the history of gymnastics, dating back to the 1800s.

  • 1881: The Federation of International Gymnastics was founded in Belgium.
  • 1896: Gymnastics competition was introduced into the Olympic Games.
  • 1928: A group of female gymnasts were allowed to compete in the Olympics for the first time.
  • 1999: National Gymnastics Day came to be when a group of Olympic champs toured the U.S. to promote it.
  • 2012: In a gymnastic feat for the books, 44,000 participants turned themselves upside down simultaneously to celebrate the day
  • 2017: Chobani gave away 400 cups of yogurt to the gym winners of their Chobani Creative Cup Award.

Today, there are eight various apparatus used during official gymnastics competitions. The men compete on six, while the women compete on four. Both men and women both compete on floor exercises and on the vault. Women also compete on the uneven bars and the balance beam. Men’s gymnastic competitors compete on the parallel bars, the high bar, the pommel horse, and the rings.

More than 4,500 gymnastics events and competitions are sanctioned every year in the U.S., with more than 164,000 Junior Olympics and elite program athletes alone. Some of these top performers will go on to compete for a spot on the official U.S. team.

Did You Know?

In celebrating, enjoy some fun facts and spread the word about this iconic sport. Maybe even impress your friends with a few little-known tidbits about gymnastics.

  • Some of the first tumbling and gymnastics routines involved the rings and the parallel bars.
  • Women weren’t allowed to participate in the Olympics gymnastics competitions until the late 1920s.
  • Today, only women are allowed to compete in the uneven bars and the balance beam.
  • Students as young as two can begin preparations for gymnastic competitions.
  • The Guinness Book of World Records holder for the oldest gymnast is German tumbler Johanna Quaas, who still practices gymnastics today at the age of 92.
  • Today, it’s estimated that some 4.67 million people participate in artistic gymnastics globally.
  • The 1984 Men’s Gymnastics Team was the first American squad to win gold at the Olympics in 80 years.
  • Simone Biles is considered the greatest gymnast of all time after making history with her 32 Olympic and World medals.

How Can Parents and Families Celebrate National Gymnastics Day?

gymnastics day

If you’re looking to get your child into gymnastics, start by celebrating. Here are just a few family-fun ideas to consider inspiring excitement and enthusiasm around the sport.

  • Attend a local event near you.
  • Coordinate a fundraiser, like a cartwheels-for-kids activity, for a good cause.
  • Watch some past gymnastics routines on YouTube that won gold.
  • Visit a gym or class as an observer to inspire enrollment.
  • Practice summersaults safely in the backyard.

Introduce your kids to gymnastics as the basis for learning coordination, flexibility, and strength needed for a more competitive tumbling edge in the future. Whatever sport they decide to pursue, gymnastics offers a host of physical fitness benefits to prepare them competitively.

Benefits of Gymnastics for Children

gymnastics day

If you’re still on the fence (or balance beam) about enrolling your student in a tumbling or gymnastics class, consider the countless benefits. Gymnastics can be a fun way to get your kids excited about all these fun and healthy exercises and sporting advantages.

  • Gymnastics class helps kids prioritize health and fitness in a fun way.
  • National Gymnastics Day festivities often host “fun” competitions for everyone to show off their abilities.
  • Classes are a great way to make new friends.
  • Strength building and flexibility are great foundations for young athletes.
  • Gymnastics encourages focus, coordination, and discipline.
  • It builds confidence and self-esteem at every level and ability.
  • Gymnastics is a sport that requires both the right and left sides of the brain.
  • Encourages kids to set and achieve goals.
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Faubert Saintfleur
It is a great camp
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jobo price
We love all sports! And being part of the all sports family!
My son started at all sports this summer, first time at summer camp, we were all beyond nervous, As soon as we walked in we felt very comfortable Chris and kayla were so welcoming! My sons first day I think we called to check on him 10 times, and they never got annoyed with us! My son came home and couldn’t wait to go back the next day! As the summer is ending my son has made the best of friends! And has really loved all the coaches! And has asked me to bring him back for aftercare, We love all sports! And we appreciate Chris and kayla so much for being such caring individuals!
My daughter loves the staff and activities! We couldn’t ask for a better camp for her!
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I just want to preface my review in saying that this review is specifically for the Xtreme Summer Camp at All Sports. I’m not familiar with any other program All Sports have but in my opinion if their other programs are anything like their summer camp then go for it! My daughter is one month shy of 13 and we’re finishing up our 2nd year of Xtreme summer camp at All Sports. Pretty sad it’s almost over. I just wanted to say to anyone that is thinking of sending their child or preteen here to do it!! The coaches and front office staff treat you and your child like family. Actually, many of the people employed here are family. They will treat your child like their own and always go above and beyond to make sure they’re happy and safe. I want to recognize Coach Bud for just always being there for my daughter and he is just such a caring, loving, “fatherly” type. He always has a smile and a kind word to say. My daughter and I absolutely adore him. His wife Mrs. Cindy who works in the front has such a good heart and from the moment I met her I felt so comfortable around her because of her kindness. Their son, Coach Chris and the other coaches like Alyssa, Jojo and Ty (and others I don’t remember names of) that work there are so good and respectful with the kids. They don’t just sit there and discipline with a bored look on their face. They get involved and have fun with the kids too. Now, let me tell you about the actual field trips at Xtreme camp. They have a field trip EVERY DAY. Sorry for yelling but if you’ve been looking at different summer camps this is a very rare thing to find; especially for the price. The field trips they go on are not some cheap, boring places to pass the time. These are really fun trips. Here’s an example of the field trips they might go on in a week. Mon- Rapids, Tues- candle-making, Wed- paintball, Thurs- Off the Wall and Fri- deep-sea fishing. Once in awhile, if there’s extra time before or after a trip they might just stop at the park for ice pops or pizza. They once went to Japan Inn and another day to Cold Stone just because. Super impressive. My daughter just got back from Busch Gardens for their end-of-the-year trip, which was pretty affordable. Did I tell you I love the people that work here? Big plus is there’s no contracts. You pay for only the weeks you want. There’s really no negatives. The kids travel to trips in 2 safe vans that have a.c and seatbelts of course. As for the other kids, my child has never been bullied. Of course there’s drama between other kids here and there but where isn’t there drama with kids? The coaches are quick to intervene and have the kids talk it out. My daughter has made close friends here that will hopefully be life-long. Bottom line is: this place is great. If I don’t end up moving to another state my daughter will be back here next summer for sure. If we do move, the new summer camp she’ll go too have some BIG shoes to fill. Thank you All Sports for giving my daughter fun adventures and some great memories! TLDR; this place is dope.
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Kaelyn Forte
Coach Jojo is the best

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