Looking For A Winter Break Camp For Your Child?

winter break camp

School’s been back in session for a few months. However, winter break is quickly approaching. While children look forward to a break from school, parents may feel stressed. All Sports Kids is a great option for a winter break camp.  Kids can have fun in an interactive environment, and parents can work while knowing their kids are safe.

Benefits Of A Winter Break Camp For Parents And Kids

Winter camps are an excellent option for parents looking for a way to balance working and caring for their kids.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Childcare

We get it. Finding childcare can be stressful. You want to find someone you trust and who’s responsible. When you enroll your child in a winter break camp, you won’t have to worry about your childcare provider canceling last minute. You also won’t have to worry about deciding whether to take time off work or if your kids are safe.

Children Keep Learning And Have Structured Days

Kids thrive when they have structure and routine. Unfortunately, when school’s out, kids lose their routines. It’s not always easy to reestablish their routine when school starts again. Choosing the right winter break camp for your child keeps them learning and in their routine.

Why Choose All Sports Kids

Leaving your kids with someone you don’t know can be scary. However, it’s not when you choose All Sports Kids. Here are three reasons to choose our winter break camp for your children.

Trained Staff

When you choose All Sports Kids, you don’t have to worry whether your kids are in good hands. Our mission is to provide kids and young teens with enriching activities in a safe environment. Therefore, we only hire experts.

Our staff comprises certified teachers, experienced caregivers, and trained coaches. In addition, we screen all of our employees. So you can have peace of mind knowing everyone interacting with your kids has passed a background check and drug test.

Fun Activities To Keep Your Children Engaged

Engagement helps kids learn. We promote learning by utilizing every inch of our 11,000-square-foot facility. Some unique features we offer include:

  • A sports arena to play football, baseball, hockey, kickball, and other fun physical activities
  • Full basketball court
  • Cheer floors to improve cheerleading and tumbling skills and participate in other group fitness activities
  • An art and craft room for kids to express their creativity
  • Multipurpose rooms that allow your children to read or study
  • A cafeteria offering free meals and snacks
  • A dance and general exercise room
  • Field trips to help your child gain new experiences

Not only do our activities help keep your child engaged and active, but they also help your child learn life skills. For example, your child will learn to make new friends, cooperate with others, and use imagination.

Keeps Your Child In A Routine

While children thrive with a routine, doing the same daily activities can get boring. At All Sports Kids, we keep your child in the routine of getting up and getting ready every day while providing a wide range of fun activities that keep them excited to return.

We structure our days similarly to what your children experience at school. Our staff breaks up the day with a combination of downtime, fun activities, and time to learn new skills. As a result, your children will never be bored and can try something new with our fun-filled days.

Enroll Your Child In All Sports Kids Winter Break Camp

Winter break is approaching. You don’t have to stress about keeping your children safe. When you enroll your child in All Sports Kids’ winter break camp, you can continue working and provide a safe, fun environment for your family. Contact us today at 954-746-5437 to learn more.