How to Make a Birthday Party Special

Do you remember your birthday parties as a kid? We’re sure that these moments are filled with excitement, joy, and friends. After all, there is nothing better than taking some time to celebrate yourself and the ones you love. As a parent, you are going to want you kids to experience the same type of feelings and ensure that their birthday parties are just as special as your own. At All Sports Kids, we are all about giving you the opportunity to throw the perfect birthday party experience.

Add Extravagance To Your Child’s Birthday Party

No birthday party should go out with a whimper. Instead, make a party as extravagant as possible. There should be no holding back when it comes to planning your little one’s special day. Fun and excitement should rule everything they do. Make it big. Invite plenty of your child’s friends, decorate with streamers, signs, and balloons, and make sure they have plenty to do with fun games and activities.

Consider Your Child’s Interests

Think about everything that your child likes. From their favorite superhero to their favorite foods. Let those interest influence the decorations, entertainment, food, and games you provide. A great birthday party puts out all the stops, and just imagine how excited they will be to see all their favorite things in one place.

A Specially Designed Cake

Two of the biggest moments during a child’s birthday is when they open their presents and when they eat their cake. Opening presents is a fairly simple affair. Seeing a stack of gifts will excite any kids. Cutting the cake is more important moment. It’s when everyone gathers around and sings happy birthday. The cake reveal is sets the mood. We suggest buying a specialty cake from a bakery. You can have it molded in the form of something fun or have your child’s favorite character printed on the front.

Make It A Surprise!

Sometimes, the best moments are the ones you don’t see coming. Surprise birthday parties are memorable and the effect makes the event special in your child’s mind. If you want to throw one, try a little misdirection. Present the birthday boy or girl with the ordinary. You could tell them that they are going with you to the store or to run errands. The reality is that you are actually taking them somewhere special, where all their friends and family are gathered for the celebration. They just don’t know it yet.

Take Advantage Of Our All Sports’ Facility

All Sports Kids is an after school and summer camp program. During the year, we give kids a safe environment to play, have fun, and just be kids! We also provide birthday parties for those who wish to use our facilities. If you want your child’s special day to be the best, then we suggest taking advantage of everything we have to offer.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • $250 – with access to our facility for three hours.
  • $300 – with access to our facility for three hours and we provide the food.

How Many People Can I Bring?

You can bring up to 20 kids with you and they can enjoy two hours with our coach and a sport activity. Your child and their friends can even spend an hour in our specialized Birthday Room and Bounce House!

Extra Services

If you’re looking for extras, we have you covered. Call us at (954) 746-5437! We’ll let you know how much it cost.

Our extras include:

  • Cake
  • Magicians
  • Face Painting
  • Clowns
  • And More!