Five Things Children Learn From Rock Climbing Lessons

rock climbing lessons

Have you ever considered rock climbing lessons as a sports activity for your child? Probably not since many of us think of it as an activity for the adventurous, adrenaline chasers. But rock climbing can provide an alternative to other sports and offer a new way for kids to enjoy healthy movement. Plus, the lessons children learn from rock climbing can set them up for life.

Still on the fence? Below are just a few reasons to consider investing in rock climbing lessons for your child.

Rock Climbing Lessons for Children

Rock climbing has gained some steam in recent years and was even included as an Olympic sport in 2020. The recent surge in the popularity of rock climbing is partially due to an increased number of climbing facilities as well. It can be a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy.

Under proper supervision, rock climbing for children is a completely safe sport. The best ages to begin are between 4 and 7. This age range is when children have developed enough critical thinking skills to begin learning how to navigate rock climbing.

Rock climbing offers many benefits for children including increasing cardiovascular health, but they can learn so much more.

Five Things Children Learn by Taking Rock Climbing Lessons

  • Hand, feet, and eye coordination
  • Stress relief
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Persistence

Hand, Feet, and Eye Coordination

This is an important aspect of development for children. Rock climbing teaches concepts of healthy exercise and proper muscle group engagement. This activity can also reinforce an understanding of left and right.

Additionally, it teaches coordination skills that can be used all through life, too. Climbing teaches children how to look, plan, and coordinate their body movements to successfully reach the destination.

Stress Relief

As adults, we know the importance of improving mental health and reducing stress. This is important for children as well. A recent study suggests that 25% of children experience anxiety and depression since the pandemic began. Rock climbing is a safe, stress relief activity that can help children learn how to reduce stress for life.


When climbing, many decisions must be made to complete the climb and return to the ground. Children will learn how to make calculated movements and how to make good decisions. These lessons are the perfect environment for children to develop these important skills.


With rock climbing, the term for the person at the bottom of the rock wall that controls the ropes is a belayer. To participate in a climb, the belayer and the climber must communicate effectively for the duration of the climb.

In our world of technology and communication on screens, it’s important to offer children an environment where they can develop real-life communication skills. Rock climbing lessons can help children learn to communicate and develop good listening skills.

How to Navigate a Challenge

Persistence is an important life skill. Adolescence is the perfect time to introduce children to activities that help develop tools to navigate challenges. Rock climbing teaches children that it’s okay to fail sometimes and how to keep pushing to meet a goal. This helps develop other skills too like goal setting and hard work.

Rock Climbing Prepares Kids for Life

Not only can rock climbing increase strength and build endurance but climbing lessons for children also provide children with skills they will carry for life. Hand, feet, and eye coordination are important for everyday activities such as driving as they get older. We all need to know the best ways to reduce stress and manage mental health. Developing decision-making skills, learning how to communicate, and navigating adverse situations are all lessons that set children up for life.

Register For Children’s Rock Climbing Lessons

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