Let’s Throw a Dance Birthday Party

Themed birthday parties are always a hit, especially when the theme is something your child is passionate about. If your little ones are passionate about dance, why not throw them a dance birthday party? Dance is a great way to bring friends and family together, and a fun afternoon of music and movement is something your child will remember for years to come. At All Sports Kids, we love throwing memorable birthday parties and nurturing a lifelong passion for all kinds of dance.

Go All Out!

With dance, there are so many different types, which means there are so many different ways to express yourself! Hip hop, jazz, modern dance, and ballet are all outlets of creativity and imagination. You can stick to one kind of dance or mix and match! A themed birthday party is chance to go all out. Invite all of your child’s friends – even the ones who haven’t had a chance to experience the wonderful world of dance will have an opportunity to experiment with movement. Decorate with a dance theme in mind, with streamers, banners, balloons, goody bags, and really anything else that comes to mind.

Our dance instructors will be there to provide your party guests with a dance class of your choice, and everyone is invited to join in on the fun. Guests will be able to immerse themselves in the music, as well as put together an instructor-guided routine, with your child as the featured performer! Kids can perform and you can even video it to remember their starring moments. Special props like dancing shoes, tutus, sparkly hands, batons, or feather boas can make their performance extra festive.

Design A Dance-Themed Cake

The biggest moment in any birthday party is when friends and family gather around the cake to sing “Happy Birthday.” Make this moment stand out with a unique dance-themed cake. We recommend going to a specialty bakery and picking out a cake. Have fun with it – you could choose a ballet-themed cake with a pair of pink ballet slippers in the center or a b-boy/girl-themed cake with funky details and shapes. The cake is the centerpiece of the birthday party that sets the mood.

Opening presents is also an exciting occasion for any child. Just seeing a pile of presents will make any kid’s face light up. After a fun dance routine that gets everyone smiling and their hearts pumping, your guests can share in the fun of opening presents by sitting around the birthday boy/girl and seeing the excitement in unwrapping gifts.

Dance Birthday Parties At All Sports Kids

For kids who are just entering the wide world of dance, a birthday party can cultivate a lifelong interest in creative movement and other kinds of exercise in general. All Sports Kids specializes in after school and summer camp programs, but we also offer tumbling, cheerleading and ballet classes. Our studios have mirrors on the walls so dance students can learn by watching their own movements.

In addition to running after school and summer programs, our facility is a 11,000 square foot, air-conditioned, and newly renovated facility designed to let kids play and learn and be their best. We offer birthday parties for those who just want to have fun in our facility.

How Much Does It Cost?

For birthday parties, you can use our space for three hours at the price of $250, and invite up to 20 kids. Our Bounce House and special Birthday Room are yours for an hour. For the price of $300, we offer catering services.

Schedule Your Dance Birthday Party Today!

If you’re looking to make your child’s birthday party even more exciting, we have everything you need. Give us a call at (954) 746-5437, and we’ll give you a pricing quote. Our party extras include cake, face painting, birthday clowns, magicians, and more!