Ballet Classes

Kids pursue dance for many reasons. Ballet classes for kids offer a variety of skill sets that help in childhood development of social skills and physicality. Mental acuity development is also a significant benefit of ballet.

Ballet is a skill that must be learned early, starting at four or five years old, and fostered with dedication. Ballet lessons for kids are a great way to learn the discipline of practice through learning new body and feet positions. Standardized positions were established in the 16th century by Cesare Negri, an Italian dancer and choreographer, and expanded in the 1930s by Serge Lifar, who was one of the greatest ballet dancers of the 20th century. Dance classes for kids help children focus on the task at hand, follow instructions, coordinate, balance, and overcome stage fright.

Ballet dance for kids also helps children build muscle mass, develop social skills and stay in shape. Dance classes for kids are highly physical, and will help your child develop a love of exercise. It involves holding difficult static shapes, as well as jumps and turns. Lifting fellow dance partners and constant movement helps kids enjoy exercise.

Available at local sports centers and dance studios, local ballet lessons for kids can be surprisingly specific. Many schools have their own methods — the principle ones are called Cecchetti and Vaganova — that they either develop themselves or take from sources on traditional ballet dance. For kids, the dream of being a principal dancer at a major ballet company is a tempting one. But the road from a ballet class for children to the stage of a major company is a long one, and keeping your child’s goals in mind is important. While professional ballet lessons for kids can take on a career trajectory, they’re also valuable for their artistic merit alone.

Ballet classes for children expose your child to complex musical patterns, but it’s also a good way to find a solid foundation for other kinds of dance, from jazz to salsa. If you’re a Florida resident looking for a kid’s dance class near Ft. Lauderdale, it shouldn’t be hard to find a great, local ballet class. For children, ballet can be a gateway to other forms of dance, but also to an artistic education, which can help children integrate math with other subjects and give them a broader understanding of the world.

If you’re looking for a kid’s dance class near Ft. Lauderdale, and your children are interested in ballet classes for kids, ballet in 33322 and neighboring zip codes is close by and convenient. Residents of Sunrise looking for kid’s ballet in 33322 can contact local centers with ballet classes for more information.