After School Tumbling Programs

What do you get when you combine fun upbeat music, gymnastics, and a little bit of cheerleading? Tumbling! All Sports Kids has the perfect after school tumbling programs for your little gymnast. If your child already loves moving to the rhythm, tumbling can teach them the basics of strength and flexibility. Additionally, it will give them the opportunity to experiment with something engaging and different. Our tumbling classes are taught by qualified instructors who have a passion for helping kids tumble their way to total fitness. Our teachers will guide your child every step of the way.

The Benefits Of Tumbling

Like most athletic activities, tumbling is a great way for kids to stay healthy and motivated. There are many ways to exercise kids’ minds and bodies. However, few activities offer the full body engagement that tumbling does. With minimal equipment (most tumbling classes only require a floor mat, and in more advanced courses they sometimes require a trampoline or spring track), tumbling encourages kids to get in tune with their bodies and use their unique physical strengths to perform all of the moves.

In tumbling classes, students learn the basic forward roll or somersault, backwards rolls, handstands, and more advanced moves like cartwheels, flips, handsprings, and walkovers. As these moves get progressively more challenging at each level, they allow kids to combine cardio, strength, and flexibility training. These moves help with mobility in the back and shoulders when performed with daily stretching exercises, and are usually incorporated into routines set to lively music.

In addition to promoting better physical health in children, tumbling also improves self-esteem and confidence. This happens naturally as kids become more comfortable with movement and feel good about all the amazing things their bodies can do!

Gymnastics and Cheerleading

Tumbling classes are also a great entryway for kids to become interested in exercise in general. Additionally, they could cultivate a passion for similar activities like gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading. Many of the moves that they learn on the tumbling floor can be repurposed for gymnastics and cheerleading. This is not surprising, since these two activities share the flexibility and mobility that tumbling demands.

Tumbling, also known as tumbling gymnastics, is a form of acrobatics. It’s technically a kind of gymnastics, although it doesn’t contain as many elements of formal dance. Like we mentioned before, tumbling uses minimal equipment. Unlike gymnastics, which can include pommel horses, balance beams, vaults, and uneven parallel bars. As your child accomplishes tumbling “passes,” achievements for passing different tumbling skill levels, these passes are also usually used in cheer or dance routines.

For kids who share a love of gymnastics, cheerleading, AND tumbling, fear not! All Sports Kids offers after school programs for all three activities.

After School Tumbling Programs For Kids

Are you looking for the perfect after school program for your child? Look no further. At All Sports Kids, we offer after school tumbling programs. Additionally, we also have so many other camps and activities. All of which help kids stay healthy, learn, build social skills, have fun, and just be kids! We offer cheerleading classes for beginners, football, soccer, dance, rock climbing, and more. Come visit our 11,000-square foot, air-conditioned facility! Where kids of all skill levels and ages can take part in our after-school programs!